Adam Tavin
Head of Sales and Marketing at Rabbit Product Design 
Product Designer - ‎Entrepreneur - Bodybuilder
About Adam Tavin
Adam Tavin
   A product designer and high-intensity competitor all my life, I designed products for years but also saw the limitations of “design for design’s sake.” As an entrepreneur, I knew there had to be a more strategic approach to product design, one that encompassed the entire product design lifecycle and that focused on the end result: a successful product.


   I look at product design holistically. Everything from product conception to engineering and prototyping and from supply-chain management to marketing. I’m privileged to work with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs and to participate every day in innovations in consumer electronics, the Internet of Things/wearables, medical devices, home and commercial appliances and much more. I’ve also worked with Apple, Cisco, Speck, Lunar and others, and am grateful to have been exposed to many of the best practices in the industry, which provided the fuel for developing many of my own. 


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